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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Dr. Na´ama Shik

Director, Internet Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies,
Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel


Na’ama Shik has been Director of the Internet Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem since 2004. She is responsible for all the educational materials placed on-line for Yad Vashem, including a multiplicity of on-line courses on a variety of Shoah-related subjects, the film project “Witnesses and Education”, social media, ceremonies, curricula, databases and portals to specialized sub-sites created by her department. She holds a PhD of The School of History of Tel Aviv University and has recently published the following articles: Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women in Auschwitz-Birkenau, in: D. Hertzog, ed., Brutality and Desire. War and Sexuality in Europe’s Twentieth Century (2009). Infinite Loneliness: Some Aspects Concerning the Lives of Jewish Women in the Auschwitz Camps According to the Corpus of Testimonies and Autobiographies: 1945–1948 (2008). Furthermore, Na’ama Shik has lectured at many conferences, academic as well as educational, in Israel, United States of America, Europe and China.

Contact: naamashik@yadvashem.org.il