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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Edward Serotta

Director, Centropa, Vienna, Austria


Edward Serotta is European-based American journalist who began working on Jewish themes in Central and Eastern Europe in 1985. Over the next fifteen years he published three books on Jewish life – Survival in Sarajevo (1994); Jews, Germany, Memory (1996) and Out of the Shadows (1991). During these years, he produced four documentary films for ABC News Nightline. During the Bosnian war he filed as a freelancer for Time Magazine, Die Zeit and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine. His photographs are now in the permanent collections of several important museums in the United States and Israel. In 2000, Edward Serotta founded Centropa, a Jewish historical institute that uses new technologies to preserve Jewish memory in Central and Eastern Europe. Centropa was founded in Budapest and in partnership with Dora Sardi and Eszter Andor, two young Jewish historians who wanted to preserve their grandparents’ stories and old pictures for their children. Centropa is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in Washington and Budapest. With a digitized archive of more than 1,200 family stories and 22,000 photographs, Centropa is working with more than 300 schools in 15 countries, and conducts international summer programs for up to 75 teachers. Edward Serotta continues to contribute to various books and periodicals, such as The Oxford Companion To the Photograph.

Contact: office@centropa.org