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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Dr. Stef Scagliola

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Stef Scagliola is a senior researcher at the Erasmus School for History, Culture and Communication and at the Erasmus Studio for e-research, both based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her specializations are military cultures, oral history related to experiences of war and e-humanities. She has published on the way Dutch society has coped with the decolonization war with Indonesia (1945–49) and with more recent international peace operations. From 2007 to 2011 she was the curator of a large-scale oral history archive with life stories of various generations of Dutch veterans. These sources are enriched with extensive meta-data and were used for several innovative digital applications, such as an enhanced publication and an annotation tool with speech retrieval. She is currently responsible for the multidisciplinary research-agenda of the video-oral history project Balkan Voices (www.balkanvoices.org) with testimonies on war and detention in various regions of former Yugoslavia. With the support of the The Hague Institute of Global Justice, a pilot study on restorative justice is being conducted on the basis of a subset of this collection.

Contact: scagliola@eshcc.eur.nl