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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Jan Rietema

Software Architect, CeDiS, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


As software architect for the multimedia archives working group of the Center for Digital Systems of the Freie Universität Berlin (CeDiS), Jan Rietema has delivered back-end processes and web applications for collaborative working environments for documentation and indexing and an online archive platform for multimedia testimonies for the project “Forced Labor 1939–1945. Memory and History”. With a background and degree in analytical chemistry and several years of experience in web startup enterprises, as well as freelance software engineering, he is passionate about cross-disciplinary projects and communicating concepts between the worlds of IT technology, academia and the world wide web. The synergistic developments of the emergence of Oral History and the increasing role of the world wide web as a place of direct, democratic narrative coupled with its questioning of traditional concepts of literacy come as a natural fit to his interests.

Contact: jan.rietema@cedis.fu-berlin.de