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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Anna Lenchovska

Regional Consultant in the Ukraine, USC Shoah Foundation & Congress of National Minority Groups in the Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Anna Lenchovska, M.D. in Psychology, has acted as a Regional Consultant in Ukraine at the USC Shoah Foundation since 2005. She was involved in the projects “Spell your name”, a documentary on the history of Holocaust, “Encountering memory”, “Great Famine: personal dimension”, “Shoah by bullets”, and educational projects to train Ukrainian teachers in the use of new multimedia teacher’s guides based on video testimonies. She also serves as Executive Director of the Congress of National Minorities of Ukraine. Currently she is working on her PhD dissertation about Psychological Mechanisms of Inter-cultural Tolerance Formation in Adolescents. Prior to this she worked in the Ukrainian NGO “Institute of Jewish Studies” and a clinic for child psychiatry and psychotherapy. Anna Lenchovska is a student in the Professional Program for Gestalt Therapists at Kyiv University, Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama.

Contact: lenchovska@gmail.com