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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

Aya Ben-Naftali

General Director & Chief Curator, Massuah Institute for the Study of the Holocaust,

Tel Yitzhak, Israel


In recent years Aya Ben Naftali has been the leader of research and development for exhibitions at the Massuah interactive museum, where “Six Million Accusers”, an exhibition and multimedia center on the Eichmann trial (2002), the exhibition, “The Cultural Discourse about the Holocaust in Israel”, (2005), and the exhibitions “Three Lines in History – Zionist Youth Movements in Europe 1928–1948” (2007) and “Youth Aliya – Forging an Israeli Identity” (2011) were produced. Her recent publications include: Collaboration and Resistance: the Ninth Fort as a Test Case, in: D. Gaunt and P.A. Levine (eds.), Collaboration and Resistance during the Holocaust (2004) and Looking at the Holocaust and from the Holocaust to Our Lives, in: N. Keren (ed.), Searching for Man – Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust (2004).

Contact: ayabn@massuah.org.il