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Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution History, Education and Media

A) Audio and video interviews as a digital source in the e-Humanities

In digital archives, eyewitness reports constitute multimedia content enriched with metadata. What methodology is used to produce and develop digital archive material – starting from the interview? This section will examine forms of documenting digital Oral History with regard to the deployment of promising metadata and the use of links, intelligent search mechanisms and navigation models. The possibilities of inter-operability with bibliographic information systems and other infrastructures of the e-Humanities are to be discussed. Beyond the use for research and the virtual working environments required for this, it would be good to know in what media and cross-media formats audio-visual interviews can address a broader target group and what aspects must be considered in this connection. Furthermore, the question of whether and how a broader community can be involved in the spirit of the “social web” in producing, enriching, developing and annotating eyewitness reports should be discussed.